The Reed Gold Mine

The Story

In 1799, Mr. Reed's son found a 17 pound gold "nugget" in the Meadow Creek that ran through the family homestead, which resulted in the first gold rush in America- right to Charlotte, N.C- and for a time the Reed Gold Mine was the leading producer of gold in America. But the ghost that haunts the mine had nothing to do with the Reeds. In the early 1800's, a neighbor of the Reeds', Eugene Mills, had gotten into yet another fight with his wife, Eleanor, who was known throughout the county as being somewhat cantankerous. While she was berating her husband, she tripped and fell down the stairs, killing her instantly. But Eugene had left the house in the middle of her discourse, and didn't return for several hours, as was often the case. When he did, he found her cold body lying at the foot of the stairs, with her shrill voice still emanating from her corpse! Eugene was terrified, and tried everything he could to stop her screams, until finally he just dumped her body down the deep mine shaft. For many years later, people said you could still hear Eleanor Mills, shrieking from the depths of the shaft.

What I Found

The Reed Gold Mine is today a state historic site, which means it has regular hours and nobody gets to visit after dark without running the risk of getting arrested. The place closes at 5 in the afternoon, and has a big fence surrounding the grounds which instructs you not to trespass after hours. I got there late, and when I started walking down the paved road there, the on-site ranger guy's dog started barking, so he came out of the house and watched me take a few of these pictures. I know they do ghost tours on Halloween, but I don't know the times; their phone number is: 704.721.4653, or you can simply check out their web site if you want more info.

If You Want to Go

Take the Concord Exit 58 off of I-85 to Route 601 South; follow the 601 Bypass signs around Concord, taking care to go left when 601 forks off at the 3.5 mile mark. About 7.5 miles from
I-85, you'll cross Route 49, and then see the first sign for the Reed Creek Mine. At the 11.5 mile mark, see Route 200 on your left. Take that left, go about 3.5 miles down 200, come into Georgeville, and see the Reed Mine Road. Hang a right onto Reed Mine Road, and the Reed Mine is about 2 miles on your left.
If you're coming from Gold Hill, continue along Saint Stephens Church Road all the way through town. Stay on there for about 7.5 miles, and you'll hit Route 49. Take a right onto 49, you'll go maybe three miles, and see the Mount Pleasant Road intersection. Hang a left onto Mount Pleasant Road, go about 8 miles, and you'll hit Route 200. Take a left onto 200 and you're 2 miles from Georgeville.